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UBER / GRAB Drivers- Skip Car Rental to EARN more.

UBER / GRAB Drivers- Skip Car Rental to EARN more.

Owning your own car saves you more money than renting from a car rental firm!

Even if you are NOT driving for Grab or Uber and just renting a car for daily work or leisure uses, you can find out more on how to own a car cheaper in Singapore.

If you are renting your car now via car rental firms, we can help you to earn more. You can earn more than a few thousands extra per year, doing the same amount of driving, just by skipping the car rental middleman. The reason is very simple. Car rental agencies need to earn a healthy profit from you. They earn a few hundreds to thousands from renting their cars to you.

cut the middleman

cut the middleman

What if we told you, you can stop giving them this profit and keep it for yourself?

  1. You choose a fixed car of your choice for work or leisure.
  2. You still get insurance and road tax covered by the hire purchase program.
  3. You do not have to pay high down payments. We only need as low as 8% of car price.
  4. You skip paying car rental firms their profits
  6. You will refer more customers to us, and we enjoy high volume of business that justify our offers!

Lets compare owning your own car vs Rental car in 1 simple example

Owned car (typical Japanese car, for this example Toyota Altis)
Car loan : $900+
Car Servicing : 150+ (every 3 months)
Car Insurance : 1800/yr (150/month) Note that I have set $1800 for commercial insurance for Grab / Uber drivers.

Monthly : 900 + 50 (150/3) + 150 (1800 /12) = $1,100

Rental car of the same model- Toyota Altis
Car Rental : $60+/day
Inclusive of Car insurance / and Car service

Monthly : $60 x 30 = $1,800

Parking, ERP, Fines etc : This applies the same to either rental or owned car
Petrol consumption : No difference.

DIFFERENCE = $700 a month earned, just by owning your own car!

Effectively, you will get to earn more just by skipping the middleman! There is no hidden costs, only a small low down payment needed!

You will enjoy
1) Higher income for the same amount of work.
2) Choosing your own ideal, familiar car instead of whatever the rental firm has for you.


timely enterprise

timely enterprise

We only profit when you earn more. Speak with us!
Whatsapp or call James now at 82003255 to see how you can EARN more with your car!



Comments (10)

  1. EUGENE November 14, 2017 at 4:02 pm Reply

    Can u share with me more on your program?
    I’m currently renting from LCR on a 6 month contract wef 7 July 2017.

    1. admin November 14, 2017 at 7:34 pm Reply

      Hi Eugene! Thanks for your comment!
      What we do is provide financing to drivers to own their own cars instead of renting from a car rental company. There’s more freedom in terms of the car you wish to drive as well as being to earn more on doing private hire due to the lower cost of the car. This is just a broad explanation. It’ll be better for you to whatsapp us at +65 8200 3255 so that we can understand your situation, provide you a better understanding of how it works and customize a solution that is more beneficial to you that renting a car.

  2. Dann Rahmat November 20, 2017 at 1:19 am Reply

    Hi,I just finished my 6mths contract with LCR last week . Right now I am currently looking/searching for a cheapest way to rent/leasing/hire a car.I came across your website and am interested to know more about how your programme works.Can you please explain more.Thanks.

    1. admin November 20, 2017 at 11:45 am Reply

      Hi Dann Rahmat! Glad you found our information useful. How our programme works is you are free to choose any car in the market. We will finance you the car for uber/grab purpose under hire purchase scheme. Essentially what happens is you purchase a car instead of renting/leasing a car, which is the lowest cost for most uber/grab drivers. You are also free to choose any car you wish. All cars except brand new ones will be sent for STA inspection with no cost to you as a client before purchase to ensure reliability. You can choose a balloon scheme(without PARF value) or standard repayment scheme in monthly or weekly repayments. Your overall cost for the car will be lower than renting a car. Hope that helps! If you are keen, feel free to whatsapp us at +65 8200 3255

  3. Dave November 22, 2017 at 2:19 pm Reply

    Hi, came across your website. Seeking a car for grab/uber purposes.
    Based on the scenario,
    Etc: Used car Toyota Altis left with 30months
    Price: $33000
    No downpayment
    Loan/Repayment for 30months

    Can you assist to calculate what is the estimate total monthly repayment (inclusive of interest and all other charges)?

    1. admin November 29, 2017 at 4:45 pm Reply

      Hi. Can you Whatsapp us at +65 8200 3255?

  4. Jhonny January 16, 2018 at 9:59 am Reply

    u forgot to add in the cost of wear and tear and in the event of car break down or engine failure

    1. admin March 4, 2018 at 7:33 pm Reply

      Thanks for pointing that out! We would like to re-emphasize that it is highly unlikely that a car that receives a B or higher grading from STA will require more than $8400 a year worth of repairs.

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  6. […] Even in the case of drivers who own their cars via car loans or hire purchase, where their cost is lower than renting a car (since rental car agencies need to run a profit). You can see below the costs can be roughly $400 cheaper per month. Side note: Click here to earn more money via hire purchase instead of renting from middleman. […]

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