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Secured Loan to Timely Enterprise

Loan programs to Timely Enterprise Pte Ltd

For a better understanding and examples of how to grow your money SAFELY with LTA’s PARF assets, refer to this blog post on Better Returns than banks fixed deposits or Singapore Saving Bonds.

You can whatsapp the cofounder directly or email us to get to know how it works and why your loan is protected with safe LTA-PARF collatoral.

  • Capital Protected
  • Secured with existing cars
  • Short Term, only till the end of each existing car’s COE life (usually 2 mths to 12 mths)

Who is Timely Enterprise Pte Ltd?

Our cofounders has been in car industry and motor general insurance for about 10 years plus. We have pivoted from car rental to hire purchase to providing secured loans to B2B scrap car dealers in Singapore.

Timely Enterprise Pte Ltd provides hire-purchase loan programs to people buying cars. We were specialists in helping our clients buy their private or commercial vehicles for their work or personal life.

The car would be registered under Timely Enterprise Pte Ltd and used by the client for the whole of the car’s lifespan till the end of COE. Timely Enterprise will be responsible for the road tax, and the client will be responsible for everything else and will be using and running his car similar to a private car owner with a bank car loan.

We are popular in the market because

  1. Low-interest rate compared to competitors
  2. Provide alternatives to banks’ loans

We have gained a reputation and is so popular that scrap car dealers, 2nd hand car exporters, scrap metal merchants are now asking to buy cars under our scheme, as our rates and scheme is good for them to expand the volume of car businesses they can handle with low capital costs.

How is our default rates so low?

All the cars on hire purchase scheme are under Timely Enterprise’s legal entity, as such we legally own the rights to the car.

Our exposure to risk is low or nil for most car schemes.

In cases where we deal with big commercial players of buying old cars of less than 12 months, their primary motive is to export the cars overseas, and revenue and profit is secured early.

  • They will pay the interests and other costs UPFRONT to us at the beginning of the scheme.
  • Revenue will incoming once the cars are exported

There is very little exposure of any bad debts possible for us from such car dealers.

The car dealers can get more businesses going and better profits:- Win-Win situation

How do I loan money to Timely?

We are not keen on taking cash loan directly from banks, financial institutions or individuals. We prefer credit lines so that we can pair your loan to immediate business opportunities to reduce your risk.

  1. Provide us with how much credit facility you want to make available ($10,000? $50,000? $100,000?)
  2. We will discuss an interest rate when we do use the cash
  3. When a business contract is available, we will contact you, provide the details.
  4. You send the cash to us to use
  5. When the cars life end and exported, we get back the full loan

For example, we have a business partner, a large insurance broker HM Consultancy, providing us with a credit facility of $100,000.

We have a scrap car dealer who asked for $55,000 worth of old cars, expiring in 4 mths. Under this deal, they will be paying interests and other costs up front. We will present this deal of $55,000 to HM Consultancy.

They agree, giving us $55,000 to finance the deal.

In 4 months’ time, the cars’ COE expire, we will get back the complete repayment of the full loan with interest to HM Consultancy.

For a better details, refer to Better returns than fixed deposits or singapore saving bonds

Win-Win-Win for the loan scheme

The car dealers get more deals.

We earn from providing car loans to the dealers.

You earn from providing loans to us.

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