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Are you a Scrap Car Dealers or secondhand car exporter? Buy more cars with less cash.

If you are a scrap car dealer, one of the biggest constraints to making more money is the LACK OF CAPITAL. Singapore scraps lots of 2nd hand cars every day.

How can you, a scrap metal or scrap car dealer get more business or more money?

  1. you have a deal that can get you a higher price than the cost you paying to the car seller
  2. Price > Cost = confirmed profits
  3. Borrow money at interests that is lower than confirmed profits.
  4. Get the deal done, extra business revenue!

Scrap Car dealers – How to buy more used cars

All businessmen want to make more money with more business. Interestingly, most businessmen, including scrap car dealers have to let go of good business opportunities because they are unable to get capital.

  • To make more money, you have to export cars to emerging car markets such as Russia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.
  • To make more money, you have to buy more scrap cars or secondhand cars.
  • To make more money, you need more money to buy them!

Have you thought of expanding your scrap car exporting business by buying more cars on CREDIT?

  1. You get more credit, hence you get to do a lot more business than your current volume.
  2. You pay much lower interest on the credit than market rate
  3. You are able to access scrap cars that are offered by Authorised Dealers who took over their customers’ old cars for new sales, want to get rid of these cars.
  4. You are able to buy them before they reach their end of life and CHOPED by large scrap car dealers.
  5. You are even able to earn extra profits by renting out these cars for short term lease before the COE runs out!

Buy more used cars, with credits on the PARF of Singapore COE cars

How does this work for Singapore scrap car dealers?

  1. Once you know the car you are interested to buy over, let us know the PARF value
  2. We will lend you the full PARF value at an interest rate lower than the market rate. You only need to pay the remainder up front.
  3. The car will be in our name, but you have the car in your possession to rent out, or to scrap whenever you want.
  4. Once scrap, LTA will return PARF to us, no other payments from you.
  5. Repeat with other cars for more business and PROFITS.

Expand and buy the car before a bigger scrap car yard!

The competition is hot, do not lose out to big and hungrier scrap car dealers!

This works well with many Singapore’s scrap car and preloved car lovers, especially for hot favorite in demand continental cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, and Jaguars.

Whatsapp or call James now at 82003255, or email us at to see how our business can help your business make more money!


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