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Grabcar Premium / UberExec – What are the differences for drivers?

Grabcar Premium / UberDriver – Differences, pros and cons for drivers

If you are a Grab driver or Uber driver (or any PDVL driver), you may ask should I move to the higher class sector – Grabcar Premium or UberExec driver? Let us weight the advantages and disadvantages of driving for UberExec and GrabCar Premium vs driving their normal mass market level – the usual GrabCar and UberX.

Just like travelling and flying by aeroplane has differentiated service and comfort level, such as First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, Economy Class for airlines, the taxi industry has various standards too. The private-hire sector is no different, with GrabCar Premium and UberExec a higher level than the usual Uber and Grab service.

BMW UBerExec GrabPremium

BMW UBerExec GrabPremium

Drivers for them are required to drive only a few selected premium luxury car models Those car models and brands allowed for UberExecu and Grabcar Premium are in a list here:-

Car Models allowed for UberExec and GrabCar Premium

Audi A6
Audi A8
BMW 5 Series
BMW 7 Series
Bentley Continental
Jaguar X-type
Jaguar XF
Lexus GS
Lexus RX
Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Porsche Panamera

List from UberExec List and GrabPremium Car list

Note: UberExec is more strict, GrabPremium allows more luxury brand older models for drivers.

Let us examine the pros and cons:-

Cons of driving for UberExec / GrabCar Premium

Higher costs

The rental / ownership costs of such higher end luxury cars are bound to be higher. Since most drivers are renting long term (to bargain for lower costs from the car rental agencies) or owning their car outright (via car loans or hire purchase lease), any day where the car is sitting still in the carpark will drain a higher cost from the drivers. If the driver is sick, resting, or enjoying a few days of holiday, the fixed cost is heavier for them.

buying a new car and taking car loans

buying / renting a luxury car

Let us use some estimated indicative costs for car rental:-

Grab premium/Uber exec, per month rental $2,400
Grab/Uber, per month rental $1,800

As you can see, the costs for normal Grab / Uber can be 25% cheaper.

Even in the case of drivers who own their cars via car loans or hire purchase, where their cost is lower than renting a car (since rental car agencies need to run a profit). You can see below the costs can be roughly $400 cheaper per month. Side note: Click here to earn more money via hire purchase instead of renting from middleman.

Estimated indicative costs for hire purchase cars:-

Grab Premium / Uber Exec – Hire Purchase per month $1,999
Normal Grab / Uber – Hire Purchase per month $1,399

Again, the costs for normal Grab / Uber is about 25% cheaper.

Pros of driving for GrabCar Premium / UberX

Driving a luxury car

First obvious advantage is you get to drive a luxurious car, that has higher safety features, more robust engines, better handling. Your seat and comfort level is definitely better, with all luxury model focusing on better comfort at behind the wheels. Either during long working hours, or when you are driving leisurely during your free time, this additional comfort is a big bonus.

Not only that, usually most luxury cars has more airbags and with better frames and designs to endure accidents and crashes, so you can drive with peace of mind.

And one more minor distinct bonus- having the prestige level of driving a luxury car

Corporate / Limo jobs available

Airport limo services

Airport limo services

Second advantage is less obvious- you can get more jobs outside of your tied company- Grab or Uber. You are able to get flexible stints and contracts such as driving corporate chauffeuring for F1 races and other elite events. Airport limousine services are within your scope, and other more prestigious required job, such as MNC drivers or  premium services. These would not be available for other car model drivers.

Drive for all levels of Uber / Grab

You are able to drive for most types of Uber and Grab, since driving such a luxury model will allow you access to most levels. Be it UberX, UberExec. GrabEconomy, GrabCar, GrabPremium, you have the luxury of choosing.

Cheaper to get any car via hire purchase instead of renting

earn more money

earn more money

Lastly, for luxury models (or in fact, for any car models), getting it via hire-purchase is ALWAYS cheaper than getting via car rental. Skipping the middleman means you get to profit more if you are driving for Uber Grab. You would save more even if you are not driving for any company but just want to own your own car for work, leisure or family reasons. Most people rent and do not buy their own car because of the large down payment issue, doing a hire purchase of a secondhand car allows you to pay less with low deposits needed.

There is no strict requirement, low downpayments needed, and you earn more per month.

You will enjoy
1) Higher income for the same amount of work.
2) Choosing your own ideal, familiar car instead of whatever the rental firm has for you.

timely enterprise

We only profit when you earn more. You can click to earn more using hire purchase than renting for grab uber drivers.
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