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Grab / Uber drivers- Obtaining PDVL

PDVL – it does NOT tie driver to Grab or Uber

Grab or Uber or SixTNC drivers, take note that PDVL (Private Driver Vocation License) is compulsory by 30 June 2017. You MUST APPLY by 30 June 2017 as all such applications will get a 12 months extension- you can relax.

And you can do it FREE (sponsored by your preferred company)

The Singapore government LTA (Land Transport Authority) has announced this for all private hire car services, such as Uber or Grab drivers.

Good news is for all experienced or new drivers, Grab or Uber will paying for all the costs and have staff to help you with the application.  You can click on the Grab or Uber links at the end of the article to go direct to Grab or Uber page to find out more on how. Before you do so, read more on PDVL to see how this Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocation Licence can affect you and what needs to be done.


PDVL License- PDVL by Grab or PDVL by Uber?

Grab Uber Drivers

Grab Uber Drivers

Q: If I have my PDVL by Grab, can I switched to Uber later? If I have my PDVL by Uber, can I switch to Grab?

YES. You are not tied to a single company. The PDVL is tied to you, you are free to move to whichever career path you prefer at either Grab or Uber or any other private hire rides coompany.

You can only apply ONCE. There is no need to apply at both company.

You can apply via Grab or Uber via the links below, scroll till the end of the articles for the links.

Can I apply for the PDVL directly at LTA?

A: Yes, you can visit LTA at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701 (Map) to submit your application form. Do note that if you apply via Grab or Uber, they tend to sponsor most of the costs and it is hassle free. Best part, you are not tied to any company! You can leave with your PDVL and apply to another company if you want to.

Why do I need a PDVL?

This is compulsory as LTA will like to ensure commuters can have safe travelling. This is also to help in any career dispute for the drivers with Uber or Grab.

Who is eligible to apply for the PDVL?

According to LTA’s official announcement, the following are eligible.

  • All Singaporeans with a Class 3/3A driving licence for 2 years and more.
  • Singapore Permanent Resident and Work Pass Holder need to be employees driving for a company or business proving chauffeured services.
  • All applicants must be able to speak and read simple English. You can provide a GCE ‘O’ Level or ‘N’ Level pass in English (at least a D7 grade) or a Level 3 pass in English under the Workplace Literacy (WPL) program.
    If you do not possess those, you have to attend the WPL-Computer Adaptive Test (WPL-CAT) for $10.50.
  • Singaporeans or PR who are self-employed, please ensure that you have no outstanding Medisave contributions. You can check at
  • Pass LTA’s required medical examination (Usually subsidised by Grab or Uber)

What is TDVL (Taxi Drivers Vocation License)?

The TDVL allows you to drive both taxis and private hire cars. You are also allowed to take street hail jobs when driving a taxi. As expected, the training course is longer and more tedious at 25 hours. The eligibility criteria for TDVL is more strict and stringent.

Do I need PDVL if I am already driving a taxi (having TDVL)?

Nope, if you have TDVL, you do not need PDVL to drive for Grab or Uber. Please send a copy of your NRIC to Uber or Grab so that they can verify and waive off the need to apply for PDVL for you. For Grab, you can send your NRIC to 87838733 via Whatsapp or email, attaching your NRIC with subject title “Proof to Drive”.

Note for Grab drivers: If you want to apply for TDVL too, you can do so and Grab will cover all related fees. In their application form, simply check the box for TDVL.

I am a PR and not employed by a chauffeured services company. How can I continue driving?

You may wish to be a full time driver with Grab, email them at

When do I need to obtain my PDVL?

From 1 July 2017 onwards, all private hire car drivers have to get their PDVL before they can drive for Uber, Grab or any such companies. They have to paste the PDVL tamper-proof decal on their cars.


Medical check up for Grab Uber

Medical check up for Grab Uber

Where can I do my medical examination?

You can choose to do so at your family doctor or any preferred licensed doctor. Just send the medical report to Uber or Grab. Email the report to with the subject “PDVL Medical”.

You can also whatsapp Uber support (8am to 10pm): 9665 9568

However, do note that there are FREE sponsored medical checks by Grab and Uber.

For Grab: – the appointed doctors are  SATA CommHealthRaffles Medical Group and Parkway Shenton.

For Uber:- the doctors are  all Raffles Medical Clinics.

SCROLL all the way down for the links to their one-stop healthchecks with submission of application.


SkillsFuture Credit for Uber Grab Drivers

SkillsFuture Credit for Uber Grab Drivers

For the course necessary for PDVL, you can pay with SkillsFuture. Every Singaporean has $500 credits provided by the government.  You can check your SkillsFuture credits here.

NOTE: – If you are a PR or not eligible for SkillsFuture, write to Grab and Grab will pay for your PDVL training costs.

Training is only 10 hours at Singapore Taxi Academy.

You can always retake the test if you fail, at a fee of $5 per test and $10 for admin fees.

Once you applied via Grab or Uber for PDVL, and they received Approval to Drive (ATD) from LTA as well as a medical report, their staff will inform you for training.

Please send in your application form to

Singapore Taxi Academy

46 Kim Yam Road, #04-15, The Herencia,

Singapore 239351

  • NRIC (copy)
  • Driving Licence (copy)
  • Approval Letter from LTA (copy)
  • Medical & X-Ray Report (original)
  • Documentary Proof of ability to speak and read simple English: GCE ‘O’ or ‘N’ level pass in English (grade D7 and above), or Workplace Literacy (WPL) programme pass in English (level 3 or higher)
  • Payment by Cheque or NETS

These are all the expenses claimable from Grab. Upon approval, the amounts will be credited to you directly via Grab.

All claims are to be submitted via

Uber will also fully pay all claims for your requirements.

If you like hassle free, just apply PDVL via

(Take note that even if you obtain via Company A, you can switch to Company B later)


Grab 2-in-1 Health Medical check up with Submission of Application at  at all SATA CommHealth in Ang Mo Kio, Woodlands, Chai Chee, or Jurong.

OR you can submit at their branches in MidView City (Sin Ming Lane) or Singapore Taxi Academy.


Uber 2-in-1 Fastlane Health Medical check up with Submission of Application at all Raffles Medical Clinics.

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