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Grabhitch- Everyone is happy

What is Grab Hitch and Grabhitch FAQ

GrabHitch is an app that promotes social carpooling. Drivers who are heading to a specific location can choose to pick up grabhitch riders who are along the way, to help cover their petrol costs. Riders get to enjoy comfortable transport at a cost much lower than taxis, uber, or grabcars!

Those who have downloaded Ryde (Singapore first social carpooling app), would know how GrabHitch works in Singapore.

These are the common questions from Grabhitch drivers / riders, and I have copied these FAQ from their facebook group:-

Please join their group if you are a GrabHitch driver or rider!

Grabhitch Insurance

Grabhitch Insurance

Q: Does driving GrabHitch requires PDVL (Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence) or the PDVL decal?
A: No

Q: Do passengers under 1.35m in height need a child/booster seat?
A: If you do not have a child/booster seat, you cannot pick up passengers under 1.35m in height as it is against the law

Q: What constitutes 1 trip?
A: Any number of rides (Max 4) available in a created trip route, up to the maximum of 4 riders (or less, if the driver indicated a number few than 4)

Q: Is a Quick Hitch considered a 1 trip by itself?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I require a Z10 car classification or commercial insurance when I use my personal car for hitch?
A: No

Q:. Are all hitch drivers using their personal car or can one use their “commercially” registered car for hitch.
A: Any passenger/chauffeur cars can be used for hitch

Q: Can an off peak car do grabhitch?
A: Yes, but OPC coupon apply if u hitch during the peak hour.

Q: Should the driver ask rider to pay ERP?
A: No.
If the driver purposely go into ERP zone to pick up rider, this is because you chose to and hitch should be on the way. With or without rider, you are already paying ERP. So stop asking rider if they can help to pay.
Ask yourself if you are the rider, and other driver ask you to pay ERP, will you pay?

Q: After accepting the booking, do I need to text the rider to confirm? 
A: Yes, as a courtesy and to confirm the ride, will advise driver to do so. As some rider may have changed numbers and some riders do not respond.

Q: what if the rider is using an overseas number?
A: Save the number and sync to chat apps like whatsapp or we chat.

Q: Can I bring pets along?
A: Please highlight in the note, and text the driver to remind him. As long as your keep your pets away from the rider to ensure his safety, and notify him in advance.

Q: Does driver receive fee for cancellation?
A: No, only commercial grab have cancellation fees.

Q: How Long do I have to wait for payment after pressing “Cash Out” on the app?
A: 5 working days

Q: Why is the booking status stuck at ‘Paying’ even though I’ve completed the pickup?
A: In certain cases, Grab may experience a delay in payment being charged. Rest assured that if you have completed the pickup, Grab will definitely ensure the fare is credited into your driver e-wallet. Usually this will be automatically resolved in 1-3 working days. No action is needed from you, only your patience and understanding!
Hitch Driver Handbook, Page 13…/Hitch_Driver_Handbook_10051…

Q: I can’t launch my Grab App after I upgraded to iOS 11. Help!
A: Try to uninstall and reinstall the Grab App. If it still does not work, you can try to contact Grab Support or submit your details here:
GrabHitch Community members contribution, Grab Website

Q: Where can I find the latest list of promo codes?
A: Facebook:

Q: How do I contact Grab Support?
A: Tel: 6655 0005

That’s all? I love reading long FAQs. Where can I find more information?

A: You can read the rest of our members’ contributions here. Enjoy!
GrabHitch Community members contributed FAQ.

I need to write a thesis on GrabHitch. Anymore infomation I can read?

GrabHitch Official FAQ
GrabHitch Driver Handbook…/Hitch_Driver_Handbook_10051…
GrabHitch Driver Video Tutorial
GrabHitch Driver Terms and Conditions
GrabHitch Driver Code of Conduct
GrabHitch rider Terms and Conditions
GrabHitch Insurance FAQ
Road Traffic (Car Pools) (Exemption) Order 2015…/view.w3p;page=0;query=CompId%3…
Child Seat Requirement…


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