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Everyone loves BMWs

Why drive continental car in Singapore and pay the lowest interest!

As fellow business owners, maybe you will ask us does it make sense to drive an expensive continental car in Singapore? Well, the truth in Singapore is Singaporeans are conscious of status and wealth linked to success.

Why drive a continental car in Singapore?

Many experienced salesmen will tell you how their sales figure rocket after they started displaying symbols of success. Singapore clients are realistic, they only buy from a successful salesperson. This is why success breeds success.

Medical check up for Grab Uber

Only successful people

Look at the lawyers, would you want to hire a lawyer to represent you in court if he drives a Toyota?

Would you have faith in a property agent to get you the best deal if he takes the MRT to meet you?

Would you trust that your suppliers’ products are very saleable if he drives a Honda?

The trick to drive a continental car on a budget is, do not buy a brand new continental car. Instead, strive for a secondhand used car that has a short COE lifespan left. Most of the depreciation of the car value has been done and absorbed by the previous car owner, and you get to enjoy driving a continental car at the lowest cost. An extra bonus by repeating this: you get to change a continental car every X numbers of months!

Sounds good? Value for money to change a continental car every 10-12 months!

Drive a continental car in Singapore with low downpayment?

If you need a nice and sturdy continental car for work reasons or for personal satisfaction, and you found a great deal of a refurbished car, would you like a proper car loan that has the lowest interest rate?

BMW UBerExec GrabPremium

Nothing speaks Success like a beautiful Car

We found a way for you to pay the lowest interest rate on car loan. Interested?

How to buy a used continental car with low deposit?

  1. Find the car you like on or other platforms.
  2. Timely Enterprise will loan the full PARF value at a low interest rate
  3. You only need to pay the car seller the difference.
  4. When the car COE ends, Timely Enterprise will take back the PARF from LTA, and you will receive the scrap value back when you sent it to be scrapped!
  5. You can buy another car again!

Example of Buying a BMW without much cash in Singapore

Here is an example, for example, you found a BMW that has 1 year COE left

  • The BMW selling price is $23,800.
  • The PARF is $19,000
  • We will lend you the PARF value of $19,000 at low rates
  • You only need to fork out the difference of $4,800 to the car seller
  • When the COE ends, you get back the scrap value (for example $1,000) when the BMW is scrapped.
  • That is only $4,800 + insurance + road tax +  Interest of [(6%/12 months x 12 months) x $19,000] – $1,000 (the Scrap Value when you are done) to drive a continental car!
This is what I get for googling "car models"

Is the truth:- We all know cars get the chicks.

Promo offer from 10 Jan 2019 – 6% PROMO RATE. While Stock lasts!

Buying a Mercedes Audi, or Jaguar in Singapore?

Same! We lend you the PARF value if you like to buy a mercedes, Audi or Jaguar. These European car brands are unique and provide clients assurance of your success in your field!

Our company founders were successful insurance agents and property agents, we understood how driving a luxury car like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar is good for career prospects. We want to make it easy for our customers to achieve their success in life!

Whatsapp or call James now at 82003255, or email us at to see how you can drive that continental car!



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