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Continental Cars or Japanese Cars in Singapore

Continental car or Japanese brand in Singapore? Pros & Cons to choose

What are continental cars brands in Singapore?

Singaporeans refer to continental cars brands as those from EUROPE. Usually, they are manufactured in Europe too.

  • German Cars – BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen
  • British brands – Jaguar
  • Sweden brands – Volvo

Continental cars are popular in Singapore because of their luxury design. Drivers of European cars are associated to be more successful and wealthy. The cars have better superior engineering and more luxurious finish and designs.

Mercedes in Singapore

Mercedes in Singapore

Disadvantages of continental cars in Singapore

  1. Higher taxes – import tax, road taxes are all usually higher for continental cars. Due to the higher powered engine, many continental car models also required open COE which is usually more expensive.
  2. Higher fuel consumption – European cars have superior engines that can accelerate better.  Together with a heavier body, they tend to have higher fuel consumption.
  3. More expensive parts for repairs.

Car owners in Singapore must do their regular car maintenance so that they would not have to fork out expensive parts for repairs. Also, you can opt for continental cars with lower engine capacity for lower road taxes.

Advantages of continental cars in Singapore

  1. Confidence in you – All clients prefer to buy their stuff from a successful person. It is an open secret most property agents, insurance agents, sales representatives get bigger and better sales after they start driving a luxurious car. This is because confidence is important in the sales line
  2. Premium – classy comfortable interiors, beautiful exterior body
  3. Engine- great handling on the roads and superior acceleration and speed
  4. Prestige Status – It is associated with the upper-income level and the wealthy
  5. High Safety- continental cars are tested rigorously to EU standards of safety.

These are perfect for Singaporeans that love their comforts and prestige lifestyle.

Preloved continental cars in Singapore are so much cheaper!

if you like the prestige of continental cars, but is concerned about the costs, why not opt for a secondhand continental car? You get all the advantages of a continental car at a much lower cost! Whatsapp or call James now at 82003255, or email us at to see how you can drive that continental car!

Japanese cars in Singapore

Singaporeans like Japanese cars because the Japanese have a proven track record for safe, economical, and long lasting mass market cars.

Some of the top selling Japanese cars in Singapore are:-

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel


  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Suzuki
  • Other lesser known Japanese brands

Advantages of Japanese car in Singapore

  1. Lower taxes – If you choose a low cc engine japanese car, the import taxes, road taxes can be lower.
  2. Better fuel consumption – They usually consume less petrol per kilometre.
  3. Long lasting car engines and parts – Japanese cars are designed to last, even if the engine is not designed for acceleration
  4. Higher resale value – easier to sell off too since the buyer market is much bigger.

Economics is the biggest factor of car ownership. No surprise that most cars in Singapore are Japanese as most Singaporeans are middle class. If you have a tight budget, you should choose these mainstream cars.

Disadvantages of Japanese car in Singapore

  1. Not unique – Japanese cars are so common in Singapore, you probably can find 10 of the same colour and model in your carpark.
  2. Boring- They are definitely not conversation-starter.

A CEO, a businessman, or a successful celebrity usually would not be driving a Japanese car around, or at least the more rare, higher-end model. Chances are, Japanese cars are just for the normal everyday Singaporeans.

American, Korean, China, Other Cars in Singapore

There are other rising car brands such as Korea cars

KIA Sports car in Singapore

KIA Sports car in Singapore

  • KIA
  • Hyundai

China cars

  • Chevy
  • Geely

American cars

  • Ford
  • Chevrolet

These cars are less popular and are generally closer to types like Japanese. Generally, Korean car and China car are less robust and seen as inferior in Singapore but they are budgeted cheaper to buy. American cars are noted as not as expensive as continental cars, but still not as good too, on roughly the same level as Japanese cars.


What is the right car for you in Singapore?

What is your budget? If you have a tight budget, then please consider Japanese cars for it is meant for economical driving in the long run.

If you want to seen as successful, go for a continental car but beware of the higher costs. Perhaps you can consider driving a secondhand continental car?

A secondhand continental car is affordable with lower costs and allows you to be seen as successful too. You can easily get financing for it since the price tag is so much lower than a brand new car.

BMW gets the money and the love

One of the biggest obstacles to driving a continental car brand in Singapore is the high deposit involved. You may not be able to loan the full sum from banks, or financial institution for your car loan because you are new in your business or work life. Or you may not qualify for a car leasing loan because there is no monthly CPF contributions.

Find out how you can reduce the high deposit by borrowing at a low interest rate on the PARF value of your continental car.

Whatsapp or call James now at 82003255, or email us at to see how you can drive that continental car!

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