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renewing COE for family car

Cheap motor insurance or fleet insurance in Singapore

Timely Enterprise works with many car dealers, scrap dealers and private clients in financing for hire purchase, scrap deals of showroom cars, secondhand cars, etc in Singapore.

Over the years, our car sales and refinancing have accumulated and we are purchasing a large amount of car insurance for our own fleet and our client’s motor insurance.

Our partner, HM Insurance Consultancy, has kindly given us a steep discount for all our motor insurance, and we will like to share their discount offers for all interested car motorists in Singapore.

Do check out with them, we do NOT earn any referral fees for introducing clients to HM Consultancy. We only wish that our clients can get low and great motor insurance from them.

Fleet Car Insurance Discount

If you own a fleet of lorry, trucks, vans, or cars like us, you qualify for car motor insurance in Singapore.

The founder of HM consultancy has more than a decade of experience in the general motor insurance industry and has great knowledge and skills to get the best policies for you at great low premium rates.

Airport limo services

Fleet of limo services

You may be a car rental agency, a scrap car dealer who still have many cars on the road, a delivery company. Or you can be having a fleet of company cars for top management officers or salesperson that need cars to do their jobs. As long as you have a number of cars, it would be great to speak to them to see how you can cut down the costs for each car insurance.

Motor Insurance for individual

If you are a motorist car driver and just want the cheapest or value for money car insurance, you can check our car motor insurance in Singapore.

They will explain the difference between third-party motor insurance vs Comprehensive Motor Insurance, why the premium can differ by so much. What is No Claim Discount or NCD, and what is the maximum NCD you can claim for, is it a mere 50%?

Get value for money car insurance in Singapore

Get value for money car insurance in Singapore

They will also explain on auto insurance plans that have appointed “Authorised workshops”, or those with “Any Workshop” plans. You also get an explanation of Deductible or Excess common in most insurance policies.

You will be pleased that they can offer quite a good hefty percentage savings on your current car insurance as they are working with multiple car insurers to get the best deal for consumers in Singapore.

Email, whatsapp +65 8163 1130  or visit them for general insurance in Singapore.

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