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Scrap Car Metal Loan in Singapore traders

Scrap Metal Loan Bank Financing

Scrap metal is precious and worth a lot per ton (or per kilogram). Most scrap metal transactions are profitable and dealers are able to make good money selling scrap metal. In Singapore, we have tons of scrap metals because of motorists that scrap their cars. They may scrap because of their 10 years COE limit is up, or 5 years renewal COE limit is up. Many scrap metal dealers encounter great deals weekly, finding cheap cars that are no longer valuable Read More...
Singapore loan for car PARF

Borrow money on your car fast instead of bank loans or loan sharks?

Borrow money on low-interest rates instead of personal loans from banks or loan sharks? We have the solution that is unique in Singapore – borrow against your car. Borrowing money in Singapore In Singapore, most people borrow money viaBank personal loans Credit card balance transfer or loans Pawn shops Finance companies Moneylenders Illegal Loan sharksWe like to introduce a unique and LOW-interest loan – Borrowing against your car. Borrow on your COE Cars with PARF Value In Singapore, all our cars come with a PARF value that is returned Read More...
car export scrap dealers

Are you a Scrap Car Dealers or secondhand car exporter? Buy more cars with less cash.

If you are a scrap car dealer, one of the biggest constraints to making more money is the LACK OF CAPITAL. Singapore scraps lots of 2nd hand cars every day. How can you, a scrap metal or scrap car dealer get more business or more money?you have a deal that can get you a higher price than the cost you paying to the car seller Price > Cost = confirmed profits Borrow money at interests that is lower than confirmed profits. Get the Read More...
Continental Cars or Japanese Cars in Singapore

Continental car or Japanese brand in Singapore? Pros & Cons to choose

What are continental cars brands in Singapore? Singaporeans refer to continental cars brands as those from EUROPE. Usually, they are manufactured in Europe too.German Cars – BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen British brands – Jaguar Sweden brands – VolvoContinental cars are popular in Singapore because of their luxury design. Drivers of European cars are associated to be more successful and wealthy. The cars have better superior engineering and more luxurious finish and designs. Mercedes in Singapore Disadvantages of continental cars in SingaporeHigher taxes – import Read More...
Everyone loves BMWs

Why drive continental car in Singapore and pay the lowest interest!

As fellow business owners, maybe you will ask us does it make sense to drive an expensive continental car in Singapore? Well, the truth in Singapore is Singaporeans are conscious of status and wealth linked to success. Why drive a continental car in Singapore? Many experienced salesmen will tell you how their sales figure rocket after they started displaying symbols of success. Singapore clients are realistic, they only buy from a successful salesperson. This is why success breeds success. Only successful people Look Read More...