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COE renewal Loan

COE Renewal Loan

COE Renewal Loan COE renewal loan is considered more practical and offers more value for money because modern cars are engineered to work well for a lifespan of more than 10, 20 years. When the concept of COE (Certificate of Entitlement of cars) was formed by the government, the lifespan of most cars was only 10 years or even less. Due to improvement in manufacturing techniques and technology, most modern cars are now built to last beyond 10 and even Read More...

How to renew COE and how to check COE Expiry dates?

How to renew COE and how to check COE Expiry dates? Many people are renewing their COE (Certificate of Entitlement) but lack experience and knowledge. Here is a simple guide on how to renew COE in Singapore. Instead of de-registering your car after 10 years of usage, you can renew COE for your  vehicles in Singapore, be it commercial vehicles or private cars. You pay LTA a Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP). COE for commercial vehicles – cars, vans, pick ups, lorries, trucks Read More...
renewing COE for family car

Should I renew my car COE? Is it worth it or should I buy a new car?

Renew car COE or scrap and buy a new car? Renew car COE (Certificate of Entitlements) or do I scrap / deregister it? Buy a new car or rent one instead? Most modern cars are designed and engineered well to last more than 10 years of COE so an additional new choice is to renew your car COE. As cars are so expensive in Singapore, you should consider all your choices. For all current car owners with their vehicles nearing their Read More...