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Cars servicing in Singapore

Car Servicing & Repairs in Singapore, Basic or Full

How much does car servicing cost in Singapore?

Many motorists in Singapore after paying for the COE, PARF, taxes on their cars, face another daunting regular cost:- how much does it cost to service a car in Singapore?

Car Servicing for Japanese cars

  • basic car servicing: $70 to $120
  • full car servicing $100 – $150

A simple basic car servicing will cost from $70 to $120 for a Japanese car (similar to Korean, China, non-continental cars). The difference depends on the quality, reputation of the car workshop, and is also dependent on the motor oil that you can choose for your engine. A simple brand motor oil included in the basic servicing will only be around $70 to $80, most branded premium motor oil servicing package will costs $100-$120.

For a full-service car servicing, the average cost will be around $100 – $150 for Japanese and non-continental automobile models.

Car Servicing for Continental, American cars.

  • basic servicing $150 onwards
  • full servicing $180 onwards

For continental cars, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguars etc, the costs will be much higher.  A basic vehicle servicing costs roughly $150, while a full service most costs upwards of $180 and above.

Continental automobiles have more expensive parts and hence a higher cost is involved in the car servicing.

For American cars, it is closer to the costs of Japanese car servicing.

These are what you need to take note of when buying a car. If you are not planning to use a car long term, it might be better to choose to rent a car instead.

What does car servicing include?

There are usually 2 types of car servicing, one is the usual regular basic car service. Motorists may occasionally go for the full or major car service.

What is in a basic car service?

Basic car servicing done by workshops in Singapore usually includes the following:

  • motor oil and filter change
  • top up of key fluids (washer fluid, brake fluid, steering fluid, etc)
  • basic checks on engines, tyres, brakes, lights, etc up to 35 components

If some components require replacing, they may suggest a full or major servicing and also require your permission before charging you for labours and parts costs to replace your components.

What’s in a full car service? How much does a full service cost?

A full car service by work shops includes:-

  • everything in the basic car servicing
  • An extra 15-30 additional checks on the car components
  • spark plugs, fuel filters, service/wear items
  • vintage auto may cost extra

Do note that the full car service may have additional costs involved once their checks found items that are recommended for replacement due to wear and tear. You will pay for the components as well as the labour costs involved in replacing.

How much does it cost to maintain a car in Singapore?

Average for a Japanese car costs? If we include the monthly repayment, it will cost probably $1400 SGD monthly and above as of July 2019.

We are ignoring the one-off costs such as COE, PARF, etc that would be covered by your automobile bank loan, and paid by you on a monthly basis. Here are some monthly costs that some Singaporean motorists may have left out:-

  1. Petrol costs
  2. Insurance costs
  3. Road taxes
  4. ERP (Electronic Road Pricing)
  5. Season Parking, and other parking fees
  6. Accidents, car repairs fines and penalties (Partially based on your driving, partially based on luck)
  7. Regular Car servicing

The above are mere average costs to maintain your car. Some hobbyists may include their upgrades, accessories such as spoilers, tyre rims, grilles, etc that provides a better look at their precious automobiles.

Everyone loves BMWs

Everyone loves BMWs

As you can guess rightly, these will cost more for continental cars in general

  1. higher petrol costs (due to lower fuel efficient because of the heavier continental car)
  2. higher insurance costs (due to the higher price tag)
  3. higher road taxes
  4. more expensive accident car repairs fees
  5. more expensive car servicing

How regular should you service your car?

You should service your car regularly every 10,000 km to 15,000 km for at least a basic check up. This number differs for different car models, so you may prefer to check with your car manufacturer or experienced car workshops. Some models using great synthetic motor oils may require basic car servicing every 20,000 km.

For once a year or less, you should ask for a major or full car servicing to ensure every component is working well.

Mineral or Synthetic motor oil for your car? Synthetic lasts longer

Synthetic motor oils or lubricant are more highly refined base oils that are higher quality and purity designed to last longer for your engine. They are more expensive than traditional motor oils known as mineral oils.

Both synthetic and mineral oils are made from crude oil, and synthetic oils’ refinery process is more thorough than removes more impurities and allow higher protection, performance, and even better fuel economy. A car workshop offering synthetic motor oil may cost more, but you can go for a longer period before the next car servicing.

Is car servicing necessary? How long does it take to service a car?

Yes, car servicing is necessary. Do not skip your regular basic car servicing to save time or money. It is very important you get a proper mechanic or car workshop to do the basic checks to ensure your components are working fine. Your car workshop should also ensure your car fluids are not degraded, sufficient and working for your cars to be in tip-top shape.

An accident will cost you a lot more.

How long does it take to service a car?

It will take you only 45 minutes for a simple basic car servicing at a car workshop. Some popular workshop may require 1 – 2 hours due to the large volume of cars.

For full or major car servicing, it may take 2-3 hours.

You will be glad to know that most major car workshops have a comfortable waiting room with drinks, wifi, air condition so that you can wait comfortably. You can always head to a nearby coffeeshop and have a tea break while waiting for your car to finish.

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