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Singapore loan car PARF better than singapore savings bonds

Borrow money on your car fast instead of bank loans or loan sharks?

Borrow money on low-interest rates instead of personal loans from banks or loan sharks?

We have the solution that is unique in Singapore – borrow against your car.

Borrowing money in Singapore

In Singapore, most people borrow money via

  1. Bank personal loans
  2. Credit card balance transfer or loans
  3. Pawn shops
  4. Finance companies
  5. Moneylenders
  6. Illegal Loan sharks

We like to introduce a unique and LOW-interest loan – Borrowing against your car.

Borrow on your COE Cars with PARF Value

In Singapore, all our cars come with a PARF value that is returned by the LTA when you scrap your car after 10 years of COE usage. This PARF value is a significant amount, given how expensive Singapore cars are, even for Japanese or Korean cars.

And the PARF value is even larger for continental cars such as BMWs, Mercedes, Bentley, Audis, Jaguars etc. If you own your continental cars in Singapore, you are in luck as you can unlock your continental car value to borrow for your needs!

If you own your car, you can take your car as security for a secured loan to borrow money you need for your personal or business needs.


Car Loan is more flexible than home or mortgage loan

You can choose to redeem this loan later and get back your PARF value.

Or you can simply choose to scrap the car later, and we pay you back for any extra value after paying off the loan with the PARF Value!

When you borrow on your car, you are still in possession of your car, you can still drive, work, and play with your precious car. Ideally, your car will be helping you to get cash flow, while you still use your car to earn more money in your career.


Whatsapp or call James now at 82003255, or email us at to see how our business can help you get low-interest loans!

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