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Best highest Fixed Deposits Rates Bank Time Deposits

For the best fixed deposits offered by banks for your local Singapore dollars, you have to be sure that you check bank rates frequently. They are updated monthly, and sometimes weekly when there is hot competition.

As a general guide, please look to foreign retail banks that are operating in Singapore such as Maybank, ICBC, Citibank, HSBC, CIMB, Bank of China, etc. Local banks such as DBS, OCBC, UOB have more branches and tellers and are able to attract more money in fixed deposits so they do not have to offer the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore.

Best fixed time deposit interest rates in Singapore (Jan 2020)

BankMinimum AmountLengthInterest RatesSource
CIMB$10,00012 mthsUp to 1.80% (Online Promotion)More information
CIMB$10,0003 / 6 mthsUp to 1.70% (Online Promotion)More information
Maybank$50,00124 mthsiSAVvy: Up to 1.75%More information
Maybank$20,00012 mths1.60% (with $2,000 deposit in their Maybank savings / current account)More information
HSBC$30,0006 mthsAdvance and Premier Banking clients
Up to 1.75%
ICBC$20,00012 mthsUp to 1.70%
ICBC$20,0006 / 9 / 12 mthsUp to 1.65%
ICBC$50012 mthsUp to 1.60% (Online)
Hong Leong Finance$200,00012 mthsUp to 1.73%
Hong Leong Finance$50,00012 mthsUp to 1.68%
Hong Leong Finance$20,00012 mthsUp to 1.65%
UOB$20,00010 mths1.60%
OCBC$20,00012 mths1.55%
Standard Charter Bank$25,0009 months1.55%

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