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Everyone loves BMWs

Best cars to drive for Uber or Grab 2017

Do you drive for Uber or Grab with your PDVL? Or are you thinking of becoming a private hire driver for Grab or Uber?
Are some cars better than others for you to rent/buy to drive, what are the best car to drive for Uber/  Grab? Read on to find the best cars in 2017 to drive for uber grab!

This is what I get for googling "car models"

This is what I get for googling “car models”

Full Electric Car (No petrol nor diesel)

The holy grail of all cars – the full, 100% electric car. Electricity is a lot cheaper than petrol or diesel and costs only a few dollars for a “full tank” charge of 400km, compared to $70 for a full tank of petrol or diesel.

Unfortunately, most of us are unable to choose this option as most of us live at HDB flats with no option for charging. A full electric charge takes about 2 hours and is only available at selected location. Currently HDT Taxis are using electric cars. If you are interested to become HDT Taxi, you can contact them.

Electric Car Singapore

Electric Car Singapore

Recommended for:

For most of us Grab/ Uber drivers who prefer to drive our private vehicles, this option is NOT for us.

Petrol Hybrid Car

These cars use petrols and regenerative braking to store excess energy from braking into batteries. For city driving, these means that these cars are very efficient in their petrol consumption. The most famous hybrid is the Toyota Prius, with many Grab Uber car drivers driving them for fuel efficient journeys. There are many new hybrid models in the market now, such as Toyota Axio Hybrid, Honda Vezel hybrid, the Honda Shuttle hybrid, Honda Grace Hybrid etc.

These hybrid models has average fuel consumption of 20 km/litre to 25 km /litre of petrol

Any hybrid will increase your overall earnings since you are spending less on petrol. However, a hybrid model ALWAYS costs more than the standard petrol model, due to higher costs of batteries and regenerative engine. Hence, to justify the higher cost price of the hybrid car, you would definitely need to be full time driver that does many trips per day.

Hybrid Prius

Hybrid Prius

Recommended for:

Full time Uber Grab drivers who do more than 180 trips per week.


Big, roomy, spacious cars.

These big cars are fuel-gulpers. They are more expensive to buy or rent because of their sizes, and typical large Japanese models are the popular Toyota Wish, Toyota Sienta, Honda Shuttle, Honda Stream, Honda Crossroad etc

Due to their size, they consume a lot of petrol per kilometer, their fuel efficiency is around 10 km/litre to 12 km/litre. As such, the typical Grab or Uber driver would be facing higher costs per trip.

However, the clear advantage is that they can apply and receive customers for UberXL, 6 Seater Economy or 6 Seater Family trips and etc. These are trips with higher value and will more than justify the extra petrol and price tag of the cars. Those doing UberPool or GrabShare may want to use these cars for extra comfort for their passengers.

But take note, due to the higher costs of running, these Grab or Uber drivers should not get these cars if they are running for the numerous incentive and bonus for hitting trip numbers.

Big car spacious interior

Big car spacious interior

Recommended for:

Drivers who want higher fare per trip, and quality over quantity.

Premium Luxury Car (Even 2nd hand models)

These are expensive, luxury cars which also gulps petrol like a thirsty camel.

Depends on which luxury brand, the fuel consumption can be as low as  8 km/litre to more reasonable of 14 km/litre. With the higher car costs and higher petrol usage, Grab or Uber driver would be facing higher costs per trip.

Grab Uber drivers would only want these cars if they are going for GrabPremium or UberExec (What are the differences?).

Everyone loves BMWs

Everyone loves BMWs

Recommended for:

Drivers who want higher fare per trip, more luxurious services. (UberExec or GrabPremium)

Typical Japanese efficient Old Cars

These are your typical Honda Vezel, Honda Jaz, Honda Fit, Toyota Vios, Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Attrage etc. These are the standard workhorses of the car industry, finding favour with the mass market, not too expensive, average fuel consumption and easy maintenance .

Such vehicles have an average Fuel consumption of 13km/litre to 17km/litre of petrol

As there are so many such vehicles in Singapore, it is quite ideal to get a 2nd hand car that is working fine and use it for your Grab / Uber jobs. These cars would be cheap to maintain and relatively good on fuel consumption.

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel

Recommended for:

Both full time / part time Grab / Uber drivers who want lower car price.

Which car do you want to get to start earning?

Instead of renting and letting the rental firm earns more from you, you can consider getting hire purchase with Timely Enterprise. You save money instead of renting and you get to have your own personal car to drive for personal, leisure or for Grab / Uber!

There is no strict requirement, no downpayments needed, and you earn more per month.

Timely Car Hire Purchase

Timely Car Hire Purchase

We only profit when you earn more. You can click to earn more using hire purchase than renting for grab uber drivers.
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