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What to do with my 13th month bonus? Save in Fixed deposits, Singapore saving bonds?

Our yearly bonus for slaving working hard for the past 12 months is coming! Some of us have 13th month bonus too and extra incentives or sales rewards, performance bonus etc. So we can be receiving 2 times, 3 times, 5 times and more of our usual monthly salaries.

Yay! Be it 1 month bonus or 10 months bonus, its great to have a small celebration to pamper oneself and to save or invest the rest in some safe returns for saving goals or retirement!

And what do we do with it?

Most people will take a portion and reward their family and themselves with a good meal, a good travel trip or maybe some toys and gadgets at home. We do agree a little pampering is a must, it helps encourage us in our daily grinds, do save most of it!

For a good short term saving goal such as for your wedding, your house, or second property *wink wink* or long term goal of retirement, please do make sure you save it. Any amount would be great as long as you save and invest your extra 13th month, bonus and performance rewards!

How much should I save my bonus?

We do think that you should save at least 50% of your bonus, and MORE of it if you can. The more you save and defer enjoying it, the more you can enjoy retirement. Or even have an earlier retirement that is independence of your CPF retirement age and CPF Life annuity payment.

The amount of savings depend on you, you can save more if you are young. Even if you have a lot of expenses, saving a little is still better than nothing!

Risk Reward Level of Investments

We know that there are different levels of risk-reward invest and saving instruments

  1. Stocks ETF, unit trusts
  2. Insurance policies and bank structural products
  3. Fixed deposits and Singapore Saving Bonds

We know stocks, ETF and unit trusts are the favorites for the longer terms. In the short run, you may not want to put money with these if you need money in the near future for some large purchases. This is partial because they carry higher risks, and are not so liquid in cashing out too.

Fixed Deposits and Singapore Saving Bonds

Some people love to save in banks’ fixed deposits and bonds such as SSBs (Singapore saving bonds) because they prefer the short term nature or the low-risk levels. They may keep 20% to 40%, or even a larger majority of their investment amount in these bank time deposits or bonds in line with their cautious outlook for the economy.

earn more money
earn more money

If you have money in fixed deposits or SSBs, you can find out a better alternative that is NOT insurance policies or market instruments.

Advantages of Time Fixed Deposits or SSBs

  1. Short term – you can do short term savings
  2. High Liquidity- you can take out the money in short notice, with little or no fees
  3. Low Risk- very low risk for such instruments as they are not used for volatile assets.

If you are keen on stashing away in fixed deposits and Singapore saving bonds, perhaps you can consider a loan product that uses LTA PARF (the paper value of a car that is payable by LTA to the car owners) as collateral.

Not only is this product fairly liquid and has low market risks (LTA PARF is of a fixed value regardless of how well the economy is performing), it offers a higher return of 5% per annual from the broker handling the LTA PARF to work with the scrap car dealers. So in summary of this Loan advantage

  1. Low Market Risks with LTA PARF of registered cars as collateral
  2. Fairly Liquid – You can exit and take out your money in weeks
  3. Short term. You can opt for short period of a few months, 1 year, no need to hold long term.
  4. Higher returns of 5%. Thats better than Singapore Saving Bonds or other bank time deposits. Currently in 2020, the highest bank deposit is about 1.9% online promotion by ICBC and Maybank.

If you like more details, please do read this blog article on Higher returns than banks’ fixed deposits or singapore saving bonds

Timely Enterprise has been working with rental cars, general insurers and scrap car loans for the past decade and is keen to use LTA PARF as collateral to offer loans a better returns of 5% per year! Instead of leaving your money for a low returns at banks or Singapore saving bonds, come for another low-risk program with us.

I am pretty sure you will have many questions, do just contact us and come see our documents and legal agreement to see what we have been doing in the past few years.

Contact us to know more on alternative loan with higher returns than bank deposits or SSBs

Are you keen to know more and take a look at our past 3 years records to see why we are keen to expand? Whatsapp or call James now at 82003255, or email us at

Please whatsapp saying you are keen in the PARF loan of 5%!


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